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Have you played Atari today ...


"Everything has beauty in it, but not everyone sees it"



 I admit it. Computer used to be a lot more fun in the old day's. It was simple. The spirit of Pioneering carried its charge, a path of learning, cognition, and openness that disappeared in the mass of consumerism. It was like a book to be read and everyone fell in love with it. It looks like there is no more real breath or drive, interest has been her guide. Today, we can at least slightly ‘awaken’ the pioneering spirit of her character with software that mimics old computers and systems. The exoticism of the selection of the latter is more varied than new releases or upgrades of current operating systems.
...in the recent year's i made some Compilation's available for the public, mainly for the Hatari and Aranym emulator. They are both for multiple platforms.  Off course there are others to, like the Basillisk and SheepShaver emulator for Windows or the Acorn Archimedes emulator for example..









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